Pit Command designs and manufactures badass tools so you can keep your fire lit.

More than just a steel ring or shallow bowl, fire pits are personal: A place to gather. A relaxation ritual. And for the luckiest ones, a transitional space. Hosting friends and family around a mesmerizing, comforting fire is a source of pride. But the tools for your pit are not.

Humans have been using a stick to move the log around the fire for more than one million years—finally evolving into the ubiquitous wrought-iron poker.

Pit Command was born out of the simple idea that fire pit owners are tired of simply poking their fire—they want to command it.


Lean in as we whisper those three little words you long to hear.

Made in USA.

Pit Command has chosen to conduct our business close to home, meet our manufacturing partners face-to-face, and build relationships alongside our superior products. We are committed to better quality of life for local workers and stronger economies for our communities.

Plus, tools will be in your hands much quicker! Warehouse storage and shipping are done in-house.


First, a massive Thank You to our partners, friends and family for helping us get to launch and deliver our first batch of products to future pit commanders. The generosity of your time and skills has truly been a gift.

And a second Thank You to our customers—your eye for style—and love of the fire—is what keeps us dreaming up new products, at the pit.


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