Why does it cost so much?

Pit Command products are made from premium stainless steel sourced in the USA. Stainless steel never oxidizes or rusts as other iron and steel products do. Corrosion resistance, aesthetic appeal, low-maintenance, and strength are why stainless steel is often used for knives and other bladed tools.

Additionally, we choose to conduct our business close to home. All of our products are sourced and manufactured right here in Pennsylvania. We meet our manufacturing partners face-to-face, and are building these relationships in tandem with Pit Command’s superior products. 

We are committed to a better quality of life for local workers and to building stronger economies for our communities. This allows us to bring you a higher quality product while supporting small, local businesses.

What are the handles made of?

Our handles and grips are cushioned and molded using a matte textured PVC plastisol.

Is it an axe?

No. The Commander is not a felling axe and is not meant to split firewood. The smasher is designed to split burning firewood into smaller pieces inside the fire pit.

What are the functions of the smasher, poker and serrated hook?

The Commander and Ranger feature three specific design elements to give you complete control over your fire, ultimately leading to a better burning fire and an unparalleled fire pit experience.

The smasher is designed to split burning firewood into smaller pieces inside the fire pit.

The serrated hook is for pulling, grabbing, and rolling big logs. Keep that fire organized!

Use the poker for micro adjustments and working the coals. Getting everything into the right position leads to a higher quality flame and longer-lasting fire!

What are the Talons?

The Talons are designed specifically for smokeless fire pits like the Solo Stove or Breeo, but can be used for any fire pit. The ultra-efficient combustion of a smokeless fire pit means that you don't need to work the coals for a ripping flame like you do in a traditional fire pit.

Why are tools frequently backordered?

Pit Command is a new company and, in turn, can currently only manufacture limited quantities of our products. Unfortunately, it’s tough for us to keep up with the overwhelming demand. We are working to scale our manufacturing processes as our company grows and aim to keep up with demand in the future. If you find that the fire tool you want is backordered, you can use our notify me feature on the product pages and we’ll let you know as soon as products are back in stock. You can also preorder the product you want and we’ll fulfill your order as soon as it’s back in stock, typically in 1-3 weeks.

Will these tools rust if they are left outside?

It's made of steel so eventually it will rust. That said, there is an iron phosphate undercoating beneath the powder coat that will delay this process. We've left our tools outside in harsh conditions in upstate New York for over a year with no rust showing.


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